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what is oxymetholone

Alcohol abuse, history of liver disease, musculoskeletal system diseases (history of the use of other representatives of reductase inhibitor group), severe violations of water-electrolyte balance, endocrine (hyperthyroidism) and metabolic disorders, arterial hypotension, severe acute infection (sepsis ), uncontrolled epilepsy, extensive surgery, trauma, aggressive lipid-lowering therapy (atorvastatin 80 mg) in patients with hemorrhagic stroke.

Application of pregnancy and during breastfeeding

The drug what is oxymetholone is contraindicated for use during pregnancy. Since cholesterol and substances are synthesized from cholesterol, are important for the development of the fetus, the potential risk of inhibition reductase inhibitors exceeds the benefit from the use of the drug during pregnancy. In the case of diagnosis of pregnancy during therapy boldenone acetate, its intake should be discontinued as soon as possible, and the patient was advised of the potential risk to the fetus. The can be used in women of childbearing age only when the probability of pregnancy are very low and the patient informed of the potential risk to the fetus during treatment. Women of reproductive age during treatment with Tulip ® should use reliable methods of contraception. Atorvastatin is released in breast milk, so is contraindicated during breast-feeding, if necessary, the use of the drug during lactation, breast-feeding should be discontinued.

Dosing and Administration

Before using the product what is oxymetholoneatient should be advised to standard hypocholesterolemic diet, which he must continue to comply with throughout the period of treatment. It is recommended to use the inside regardless of meal times. The dose what is oxymetholone ranges from 10 mg to 80 mg per day and selected on the basis of initial concentrations of cholesterol, the goal of therapy and individual therapeutic response to treatment. For most patients, the initial dose is 10 mg 1 time per day (possible use of atorvastatin drug in dosage form: tablets of 10 mg and 20 mg). at the beginning of the treatment and / or during dose escalation , you need every 2 – 4 weeks to control the concentrations of lipids in plasma and accordingly correct the dose. The maximum daily dose – 80 mg / day. The primary (heterozygous hereditary and polygenic) hypercholesterolemia (type IIa) and mixed hyperlipidemia (type IIb) The initial 1 time per day (possible use of the drug atorvastatin in the dosage form: tablets of 10 mg and 20 mg). If necessary, possibly a gradual increase in the dose to 80 mg (2 tablets of 40 mg) depending on the response of the patient at intervals of 2 – 4 weeks, as the therapeutic effects observed after 2 weeks, and the maximum therapeutic effect – 4 weeks. With long-term treatment of this effect is maintained. Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia in most cases is used equipoise cycle at a dose of 80 mg (2 tablets of 40 mg), 1 per day. No dose adjustment in patients with impaired renal what is oxymetholone function and in elderly patients is not required. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases what is oxymetholone is used in a dose of 10 mg 1 time per day. If you do not achieve optimal LDL concentration in plasma may increase the dose to 80 mg per day depending on the response of the patient at intervals of 2 -. 4 weeks in patients with impaired liver function slows excretion of atorvastatin from the body, so it is recommended to apply it with caution with regular monitoring activity of “liver” transaminases: aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase . If the observed increased activity more than 3 times the upper limit of normal is stored, it is recommended to dose reduction or withdrawal what is oxymetholone.